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Every year, unknowingly, we pass the anniversary of our future death.



angry jhope

So many butts in the morning. 

How wonderful. 

ike rain , i fell for you.”

( ˘ ³˘)❤ sweet suga

Did you get through it!??!?! :o

I did. 

Thank you for the support. XD

But its 6pm. Lol at least here ^^” ♥♥ yu shall be fine, be strong Calie you can get through it! >.<

It’s 9:00 am here. Good morning/evening! XD 

I’ll try! I only have a few more minutes before I can be done. I’ll stay strong!

/rubs your shoulders/ you shall be ok friend ♥

*cries* It’s so boring. 

"Plunder my goods." - The Bible 

My mom is making me read/listen to the bible. 

And the voice I’m following along with is dumb and boring. 

Talk dirty to me ~~

For some reason, I’m super tired tonight. 

I’m gonna go to bed. 

Goodnight everyone! ^^


First Bias: Taemin

Current Bias: Onew

But the thing about SHINee is, I’m a bit of an oppa whore so I kinda switch biases a lot I mean, they’re really awesome and just ugh.


First Bias: Jung Hoseok

Current Bias: Jung Hoseok


who was my first bias:
who is my current bias: